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Khuc Ban Chieu coffee

Khuc Ban Chieu coffee

6D Ngo Thoi Nhiem St., Ward 7, District 3, Ho Chi Minh city.

Tel: (08) 39307436

Some people say "sit in a coffee shop" or "come to the coffee shop" when inviting their friends. However, for those who love nostalgic space when visiting Serenata, it should be true if called "return to the coffee shop". Because any time coming here, people always get a peaceful, serene feeling as if they are back home.

Situated in a small street in District 3 and a shortcut, Serenata is loved for a reformed villa's modesty and confidentiality. Because of having the desire for music and wishing to create a place for music share, Serenata's owner put it up in tropical French style,  emotion caught from sweet rhythm of Serenata - Khuc Ban Chieu composed by the Italian musician named Enrico Toselli.

Even sitting by a large window frame getting a view of garden yard at midnight or sitting against the wall always brings us a feeling of the fact that there is a Vietnamese soul staying somewhere in the shop. Many items arranged together with decoration have their own meanings and messages. Not only that, they express all what their owner would like to try and conduct; therefore, this place looks so nice with real meaning conveyed.

Alongside drink or dishes carefully offerred, Serenata music is well selected as well, in spite of music performed by CDs at day or live music performed by a music band at night
(According to "Nhe em Khuc Ban Chieu" by Giang Minh Kiet on property and real-estate market.)

Some addresses:

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